Anonymous 7

Therapy with Rick has been instrumental in helping me move towards the goals I set for myself. The insight and knowledge he offers on the many topics I bring to him have helped me in many areas of my life. No matter the subject we discuss, I feel comfortable giving my thoughts, taking on perspective, and asking questions. Trust that I didn’t know I needed.

In the beginning, I felt confused and vulnerable because I was afraid to confront what I had been avoiding for many years. Along the way, I’ve discovered myself, overcome obstacles, and quickly gained momentum in life that couldn’t have been achieved by myself. Rick is phenomenal at guiding me towards personal development with simple questions, a positive attitude, great conversation and most importantly, accepting who I am. With his help I’ve set a path for myself that I feel confident in and will bring me fulfillment.

For anyone wondering if they should start therapy with Rick, I say YES. It’s up to you to take action in your life, and you have nothing but positive results waiting for you!