Anonymous 8

I have been a client of Rick’s for over a year and I can truly tell you that it is work – but really really good work! If you are wanting a quick fix, therapy may not be for you. But if you want to chip away at your human condition, learn what makes you tick, understand your feelings and trauma and where they came from, then Rick is for you. I have been provided a roadmap that I came to the table wanting. I wanted to uncover what is happening in my life. I was driven to have a more actualized relationship with myself and a more neutral stance with those around me. It was Rick that through our sessions, readings/assignments, and accountability I was given the guidance for this. I am a gay, recovering drug addict with plenty of backstory. I had choices. I could stay in a more victim role, blaming the outside for my various sundry of issues. Or I could find my accountability and clear the wreckage. It was through my 12 steps of recovery and Rick’s guidance that I have these tools readily available. If/when I choose to use them..? Well, that’s what therapy is for!